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With our next level multi-channel Support

We understand that our customers are extremely busy, and with this in mind we have created an area where you can access content, chat with our team or log a ticket for any query you may have.  Our central Partner Support HUB allows us to provide timely and effective support to all of our customers. We have an excellent Ticket Management System where you can create support tickets through various channels like email, web forms, and chat. These tickets are then organised and tracked by our support team. You can easily access and keep up to date with any tickets, this ensures that you will instantly know the status of your query. 

The HUB also acts as a self-service resource centre with a knowledge base that continues to grow each quarter, it contains a variety of helpful articles and tips. You can easily access articles, FAQs, and guides to find solutions to common questions. It is your first point of call prior to contacting our support team who are on hand to assist if you are unable to find the information that you require.  Additional to the portal and for those customers with dropbox accounts, you will be able to access a large amount of online marketing material and beneficial content. Contact our office to organise access. 

Our multi-channel approach to support has been created to accommodate varied requirements and time restraints, giving more control and flexibility to you, at the time you need it. We understand that our customers are different and their needs are constantly evolving, and that is why we offer multi-channel support such as phone, email, social media messaging apps, helpful Q&A’s, a resource centre, community groups, live chat and AI-powered virtual assistants that can quickly provide information, and direct you to resources, they can additionally escalate complex issues to our team when necessary.  


Our modern customers service focuses on personalising our customers experience with us so that each customer feels understood and valued. We know that our customers are busy and expect fast response times, whether through phone, email, or chat. Our customer service team prioritises to reduce wait times and strives to resolve issues promptly. By implementing these modern approaches to customer service and support, we have enhanced our customers overall experience, increased loyalty, and improved long-term relationships with our customers.

We are constantly investing in new innovative ways to evolve and offer the best level of customer care.

Return to this page to access our Partner Portal that serves as a central Partner Support HUB, or click on the Support Hub Icon (top right) on the website. 

Partner Support HUB

Contact the office to request an invitation to join the Support HUB. Once you have registered and created a password you can access the HUB directly from this Support HUB Button. As a partner you can benefit from the knowledge base to advance your education, and raise a support ticket if required all in one easy to use area!