Insider Rewards Club

Earn Rewards as you grow

Insider Rewards Club = Unparalleled Partner Benefits

Here at Koreesa we understand that it is essential to consistently recognise the efforts of our Partners. Our Insider Rewards Club, has unparalleled benefits and offers throughout the year for our club members.

Our program incentivises engagement, rewards loyalty and sales, and nurtures our underlying relationship with each individual partner. We believe that Partners who seek to work with our high-performance products and equipment can highly benefit from our Partner Growth Initiative.

We provide an opportunity for our Partners to think beyond traditional sales metrics, and to place loyalty and rewards front and centre, to achieve success with a higher profit ratio.  

Don’t miss out on PERKS!  Our rewards program will exceed your expectations and provide many benefits to your business. 

You are only one message or call away from building a new partnership that really works for you. You can join our exclusive club when you work with our brands Ekseption and Fusion Meso. 

“We're here to help you, every step of the way.”

How to join the Insider Rewards Club

Currently our IRC is based around our brands Ekseption & Fusion Meso. Once you become an approved account, the only way is up and that will take you directly to Bronze level to unlock the benefits of our Insider Rewards Club. Rise the ranks to keep unlocking more benefits and PERKS throughout the year. 

Enjoy our Partner Allocation where you can benefit from free items or a subsidised allowance to reduce the cost based on your stockist group level.

Invest from as little as £125 + VAT per month to retain your IRC membership. 

Are you ready to discover more? 

You are one message or call away from a rewarding partnership! 

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