Our Philosophy

Our Partners & Sustainable Beauty

You're more than an Account to us. Why? because you're our Partner.

For 15 years we have been supplying our salon, clinic and medical partners with innovative brands that are leaders in their field. We fully understand the challenges that small businesses undertake on a daily basis, challenges that can have an impact on growth and opportunities. Quite often small business can feel overwhelmed, less valued and disappointed, and in our industry this happens often as brands gain momentum and exposure, small businesses that were there from the start supporting and helping them grow are often left behind.  

Our door is always left open and we try to find new and innovative ways to help our customers grow. Sometimes just a little boost can help you up to the next level of growth and this is why we offer flexible growth plans, stock boosts, a rewards club and marketing tools. Our mission is to work with you to find a personalised solution that can improve your opportunities and maximise your profits.

Everyone wants to be Rewarded

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Ongoing Improvement - Sustainable Beauty

The majority of the manufacturers that we work with are Carbon Neutral or close to reaching this target. It is important for us to work with sustainable suppliers. Our new zero carbon ready premises has allowed for easy provision of renewable energy technologies. We use LED lighting throughout that emits the least amount of CO2.  We have made a real effort to implement energy-efficient practices in warehousing and distribution to reduce our companies carbon footprint. We have reduced waste through continued improvement of practices to reuse and recycle and we encourage responsible product disposal. 

Along with our manufacturers we will continue to be socially responsible, environmentally conscious and commit to ongoing improved practices. 

We are continuously working towards a more sustainable business model, and we focus on: 

Working with companies that commit to sourcing ingredients from suppliers that adhere to ethical practices, fair trade principles, and support local communities.

Preference is given to natural and organic ingredients that have minimal impact on the environment and are gentle on consumers’ skin.

Working with companies who develop beauty products with formulations that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and free from harmful chemicals

Only supplying products from companies that ensure that their products are not tested on animals and promote animal welfare.

Making sure that the majority of our products are Vegan Friendly. From the extensive amount of products that we supply we only have a few products that are not Vegan friendly and contain Caviar.

Working with suppliers that are minimising waste through the production process, reducing plastic, and utilising other eco-friendly packaging. We continuously review our warehouse and business waste, making great strides to keep waste to a minimum, and recycling material where possible. We have reduced printed material and expanded our digital marketing. 

Being transparent about our practices, products and ingredients.

Working with local communities and contributing to charitable causes.

Seeking ways to improve sustainability efforts and the overall environmental impact.

Encouraging customers to be part of the sustainable beauty movement, sharing information on eco-friendly beauty routines and encouraging responsible product disposal.