Needle-free meso

Meso transdermal device


  • Voltage: 50HZ / 60HZ
  • Cryo -15/20°C
  • Heat 30/ 40°C
  • Red light 640nm
  • Blue light 423nm
  • Positive / negative selection
  • Machine measurements: 28 x 28 x 10 cm
  • CE certificate
  • Manufactured under stringent EN ISO 13485:2016 standards
  • 1 year machine warranty

d’cryo is a compact device that is most suited to those who are new to needle-free mesotherapy, or require an additional device to increase their mesotherapy offerings. It is also a great post-procedure device as it delivers nutrients easily and successfully without causing any irritation to the skin. 

A 4-in-1 device, hot and cold functions plus LED photon therapy & electroporation. 

The d’cryo device uses a pulse current to rapidly create a large number of micro-cannels in the skin and cell walls. Through these micro-channels nutrients can be transported into the cells. This concept is known as electroporation. 

It is ideal for post-procedure treatments such as: after laser and micro-needling, as we use heat alongside the electroporation to open pores and channels in the cells. This creates a pathway for nutrients enhancing overall results and then we calm the skin and restrict pores through the cooling function on the device. Whilst the treatment is being performed LED photon therapy is used to heal and reduce bacteria.


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