Needle-free mesotherapy

Revolutionise your treatments

With Meso Infinity needle-free mesotherapy

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The Technology behind ETM Mesotherapy

Meso-chip aqua channel penetration technology + Electroporation ion channel transdermal technology

Reach the skin’s mesoblast layer with ease when you use our cutting-edge delivery system, revolutionising needle-free mesotherapy. Deliver high quality mesotherapy nutrients into the skin, for real measurable, achievable results over a course of 6-8 treatments. Join the many skin specialist and aestheticians that have discovered the many benefits of Meso Infinity.

Electroporation Transdermal Meso-chip (ETM) perfectly combines meso-chip aqua channel penetration technology and electroporation ion channel transdermal technology. This method mainly uses the microtips in the meso-chip to open the water channels within the skin, and then transport nutrients to the epidermis and superficial dermis. When we combine this technology with electroporation to penetrate the skin, it can greatly increase the penetration rate and efficiency of liquid molecules and improve biological efficacy.

Designed for both left & right handed use, easy to operate


4 sizes of syringe clips to accommodate different syringes

Fully compatible with syringe specifications on the market, 1ml.2ml.5ml.10ml


Patented meso-chip head

Precision delivery system. promotes penetration & accelerates absorption​


EMT takes your treatments to the next level

EMT is an effective way to transport vital nutrients into the mesoderm (mesoblast layer), to achieve acceleration of cell metabolism, to promote circulation within the capillaries, and to increase collagen regeneration. ETM technology can increase product absorption by over 80% compared to other needle-free applications.

8-inch coloured touch screen, easy to use, friendly interface