Lumie.n8 Lite

LED photo-dynamic therapy

LED Light Therapy with Scalp Laser Lights


  • Power: 80W
  • Voltage: 220V 
  • Machine measurements: 48 x 34 x 35 cm
  • CE & UKCA certificates
  • Manufactured under stringent EN ISO 13485:2016 standards
  • 1 year machine warranty

The Lumie.n8 Lite is part of the sKntec range of equipment. 

It is a professional level LED light therapy device, designed to treat face, scalp and specific areas of the body. It comes with an easy to use LCD screen, and features 6 laser lamps to treat scalp conditions, and 7 different coloured light options. 

The Lumie.n8 Lite device further benefits from an integrated facial steamer with 5 different settings, and a warm setting that increases heat over 5 different programs. The back panel of the device can be lifted up to treat the clients décolleté at the same time as treating the face. The back panel also includes the laser diode lights that can be activated at the same time as the LED light function and used to stimulate hair growth whilst at the same time treating the face area.

Lumie.n8 Lite is a treatment device based on therapeutic light energy that regulates and stimulates specific biological processes to repair and regenerate the
skin. Specific wavelengths are absorbed by key receptors which trigger a natural transfer of light energy, instigating skin repair.

LED photo-dynamic therapy also provides regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits and is safe and suitable for all skin types. This process (treatment with light) energises the skin cells, speeding up the renewal process significantly to promote healthy radiant skin without downtime, making it an essential part of many treatments.

LED light therapy uses specific colour wavelengths of photon light that will enter the skin and penetrate at various depths. It generates energy into a form that the body can use, called ATP. The more ATP that is generated the more the skin can naturally repair and regenerate itself. Collagen is stimulated, elasticity is improved, oxygen flow and blood circulation increased, bacteria is killed, and the skin becomes balanced andradiant. Light has energy and individual colours of light carry different levels of energy. Light energy can heal, is safe and drug free.

Lumie.n8 Lite features the LED colours below: 

Red: 650nm, Blue: 463nm, Green: 527nm, Cyan: 510nm

Yellow: 590nm, Purple (red & blue combined) 600nm, White: 470nm

  • User guide & manual
  • UK power cable
  • Handpiece

Why Lumie.n8 Lite?

Lumie.n8 Lite offers 3 technologies in one compact device. 

  • 3 technologies in one affordable device
  • Contains sought after technologies
  • Buy with Koreesa and enjoy our fairer price guarantee
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No consumable costs
  • High consumer demand 
  • Excellent results
  • Interlinks with other treatments

Still not convinced?

If you would like to find out more about Lumie.n8 Lite, please contact our team on 0151 3059882 or go to our
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