Neogenesis was founded in 2016, a Korean manufacturer who specialises in autologous cell therapy, devices and cosmetics. The NEOGENESIS brand focuses on the power of “self-healing” to return damage tissue to its healthy original state through regeneration. Many factors can cause tissue damage and skin trauma, the Riox and Beta series are targeted treatments for the aesthetic market. 


This treatment takes around 45 minutes to perform and focuses on removing all toxins and pollutants from the skin. It provides immediate results and is an excellent treatment for preparing the skin for other future procedures, or used as a corrective course of treatments for specific skin conditions. Click here for more information on the Riox treatment mask. 

Riox Box_Open
Riox_Syringe + Box

Beta series

The Beta mask has serum has been designed to calm, repair and regenerate. It is mainly used post micro-needling, mesotherapy, laser and fractional type treatments. It can be applied directly onto traumatised skin to aid recovery. The mask and serum immediately calms and hydrates the skin. Discover the many benefits of the Beta series here.

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