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Mixlab personalised skincare

Our Mixlab hand blender is an exclusive device, one of a kind in the beauty & aesthetic industry. It has been created to allow for easy mixing of ekseption mixlab serums, to create personalised blends for the client to take home, or for the blending of meso solutions to be added to our unique fusion essential cream and lotion. The hand blender is very ergonomic and user friendly. The container is graduated for precise dosage of each product used to compose personalised formulations. Our serum blender is a 220v and is CE certified. 

How to use: To prepare mixlab serums, use the measurements on the side to calculate the dose of each formula that you intend to blend. You would use the same method for essential lotion. To blend meso solution into an essential cream, just add the meso solution directly into the essential base cream. Remove the dosage cover from the serum blender and place the blender directly into the cream, then switch on. 

Full instructions are provided, and online training is available through our training partner.

Mix the perfect cream

The essential cream is an exclusive base cream created specifically to be used with Fusion mesotherapy solutions. It is formulated with a water-in-oil emulsion that is highly resistant to electrolytes. This technology enables the cream to easily incorporate the meso solution whilst remaining highly stable and nourishing.

Essential cream is the perfect option for post-treatment homecare. The base cream contains Vitamin E and a blend of citrus fruits. Additional ingredients are added to suit you clients skin concerns.

After preparation the cream can be stored at room temperature for up to 8 weeks, making it convenient and easy to use. 

Essential cream can offer your clients a personalised experience, and a homecare product that contains high strength pharmaceutical ingredients, mixed precisely to treat multiple skin concerns within one product. 

Mix the perfect serum

Exseption offers 10 different serums that can be blended in any combination and dose to create a personalised serum. All of the serums work in synergy to achieve optimal results.

Mixlab serums are highly concentrated formulas made exclusively with eco-responsible ingredients and natural preservatives. Similar to all of our skincare products, these serums are formulated to have an optimal pH level. Each serum features a base of hyaluronic acid or olive oil squalane, combined with a potent active ingredient in a high concentration.

The serums can be used individually and directly to target specific indications. Alternatively, they can be mixed together to address multiple indications in a single product. 

To mix them together we use the mixlab serum blender to measure each dose precisely. Each unique blend is recorded, making it easy to repeat personalised blends for the client.

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