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Mixlab is a fresh and innovative concept that is completely inclusive of all skin types and conditions. It offers a versatile solution that effectively addresses all skin concerns, providing tangible results. It is a customised treatment tailored specifically to your clients unique skin needs. 

Mixlab is used by dermatologists and skin specialists working with the brands Fusion Meso & Ekseption. 

Every formula is customised to ensure its compatibility and kindness to the skin, whilst effectively maximising its potential benefits.

Mixlab provides the tools for you to create personalised treatment masks, homecare serums and creams. Mixlab masks can be used with or without additional ingredients, and used with a wide range of treatments.

Mixlab serums can be created by blending different combinations of serums to create the perfect formula for each client. The serum blender can additionally be used to blend mesotherapy solutions to add to the essential cream and lotion which is part of the Fusion Meso brand.

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Making a hydro-gel mask

Making your own hydro-gel mask from a sachet of 100% natural ingredients combined with hyaluronic acid is extremely easy and far more cost effective than other standard masks on the market, furthermore it only takes minutes to make with a small amount of cooling time.

Once you have the equipment you can make sure that you always have the perfect mask to hand. And if you want to add further ingredients to your hyaluronic mask then you have the choice of adding mesotherapy formulas from the Fusion Meso brand or Mixlab serums from the Ekseption brand. 

Go ahead and watch the videos below of how easy it is to make a hyaluronic hydro-gel mask in clinic, that you can incorporate into a wide range of treatments. 

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Ekseption mixlab serums

Ten serums formulated to treat common skin concerns. They are easily blended together with the serum blender device. The device can accommodate precise serum dosage to make sure that the personalised serum that you are creating for your client is easily recreatable in the future.

The mixlab serum blender is a turbo-mix agitator, the same as used in laboratories. It provides expert mixing of serums which are then either used in treatment, added to the mixlab mask, or placed in a mixlab serum bottle for the client to take home and use as a topical serum.

See our list of serums available: squalane VIT F, squalane RETINOL, hyaluronic B5, hyaluronic VIT C, hyaluronic FLAVONOIDS, hyaluronic NIACIN, hyaluronic PEPTIDES, hyaluronic PHA’s, hyaluronic TRX, hyaluronic ZNPCA.


Fusion mesotherapy formulas

Fusion offers a comprehensive range of meso solutions from single ingredient lines to pre-mixed cocktails. The range incorporates formulas to treat conditions such as: fine lines, wrinkles, mature skin, sun damaged, pigmentation disorders, sensitivity, rosacea, and acne, among other conditions.

The above skin concerns are perfect examples of conditions that are often treated, using the mixlab equipment, however the fusion range additionally has formulas for body and scalp conditions. 

1-2ml of meso is normally mixed with water to create a mixlab mask and 5ml of meso solution is blended to add to an essential cream. The essential lotion can accommodate 5-10 ml of meso solution and is used mainly for creating high strength body products.



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For personalised skincare, & to treat multiple skin concerns at once.
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