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Koreesa is known for supplying safe, reliable equipment. We have consistently provided proven technology that guarantees results. Our fair pricing policy means that you won’t over pay for your equipment when you invest with us. Our tried and tested machines achieve real measurable results and won’t leave you struggling to pay for them over long periods of time. Buying from Koreesa provides you with more opportunities and flexibility to re-invest and adapt to market changes, without being tied to older equipment or technologies due to high costs. 

Finance options are available on our machine pages, just click on the apply for finance button and you will have able to get an instant quote. For machine pricing please register or log into your shopkoreesa trade store account, or contact our team.

CEII RegenUltimate RF Skin RegenerationLearn More
CEII SculptBody Reduction & SculptingLearn More
CEII UltimateSkin RejuvenationLearn More

All of our KoreesaMed machines have both CE & UKCA Certificates. They are manufactured under stringent EN ISO 13485:2016 standards.

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